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Life is beautiful at downtown Las Vegas.

Life is beautiful festival

In our blog, we've been talking  about The Perks of living in Las Vegas and how Vegas is constantly raising the bar, reinventing itself, making of the Las Vegas strip a fancy- upscale and eclectic place. But there has been a place into the city, a part of Las Vegas that has found its golden years, decades ago.

Fremont Street is the place where Las Vegas was born and where its residents grew up, and where Fremont Street grew also along with them and eventually became Downtown Las Vegas. Back on the day, it was the place to be in Nevada, and it was during decades, the main attraction of the town and the heart of Las Vegas. At the beginning, Fremont Street was the place where people used to come to make a short stop during their trip across state lines, gamble a little, have some drinks and some fun with the locals and the shows of that time.

The main attraction in Downtown for many years, it has been and still is without a doubt the Fremont street experience. This is an area of about four blocks that runs along from Main Street to Fourth Street.

This area, is under a huge roof that features the biggest canopy shaped LED screen in the world, being hold by 16 columns, each weighing 26,000 pounds and can hold up 400,000 pounds, and 43,000 struts.

But nowadays, it takes more than a huge LED Screen to entertain the millions of visitors that Downtown Las Vegas Gets every year. Thanks to urban planning programs like The Downtown Project in just a few years, Downtown Las Vegas has achieved to reinvent and diversify itself and it has resulted in a successful and ongoing downtown redevelopment that has brought the Urban feeling back to life!

That feeling you only got when walking the streets of a live city, when you are surrounded by the energy of other people having fun and enjoying life, and living the excitement of a new cosmopolitan and hip place where Locals and tourists can go out and have a great time finding great places to dine, Bars to hang out with friends, enjoy Live Music joints, walk to Park areas with the family such as The Container Park, and experience very eclectic and sophisticated places.

Downtown Las Vegas has become a place that blends really well with the Locals and foreign visitors that want to get a taste of a more lay back and down to earth atmosphere.


The Music Festival at Downtown

Life is beautiful first ever Musical Festival was launched on 2013, an ever since it has become an annual venue where you can find the best culinary, art and Live music from top performers from all over the world.

The lineups that this mega 3 days event brings to the venue are amazing and you can't possibly have them together in any other place but in this wonderful festival in Las Vegas.

Life is beautiful Music festival since its inception back in 2013 was a total success, it has become a landmark for the city of Las Vegas.

No wonder why everybody wants to live in Las Vegas!

The city of Las Vegas was once the fastest growing city in the world, and nowadays the future of the city of Las Vegas its looking very promising.


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Las Vegas is a very exciting and prosperous city and the Real Estate Market in Las Vegas Nevada it's a very promising one, the prices on Real Estate property for either Houses, Condos, and Townhomes are increasing every quarter of the year!

Despite all of this, the cost of living in Las Vegas Nevada it's still below the national average, and Las Vegas is still a very affordable place to buy a House or a Condo.

The Real Estate in Las Vegas is a booming market, and buying a Real Estate property in Las Vegas, such as a Vacation Home, Permanent Home, or a Condo, sounds like a very cool idea!




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