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Tips on how to make Las Vegas relocation easier and fun

When the time comes to move to Las Vegas or any other city, due to a job transfer, a family related issue or just to experience a change in your life; sometimes time is given in a short notice and planning your relocation and considering the things that you can do to make your relocation an easier process, can be easily overlooked.
If you are relocating to Las Vegas or any other place, packing its one of those things that can easily become a headache, personally packing and unpacking is one of those things that I find mostly annoying when moving to a new place... I don't know about you, but to me it's definitely not a fun thing to do.
I'm giving you a couple important tips that would save you a lot of headaches when the time comes to relocate.

1) Start packing way ahead of time.

By starting packing your stuff a couples weeks before your moving date is due. Smaller Boxes Are Your Friend.
Sometimes help is not going to be around when you need it, by using smaller boxes you will be able to move your belongings around and lift them without breaking your back.
By starting to pack a few weeks ahead of your moving date, you will avoid being in a rush and you would be able to do it more efficiently and in an organized way without finding yourself in a time trap.
This sounds like it is a common sense, but most of the time we are use to leave the not so fun to do packing of our stuff for the last minute.

If organizing is not necessarily your favorite thing, then you can make technology your best moving friend. There are some amazing moving apps such Moving Van for IOS or Moving Companion for android.
Both of this app are very helpful and can save you a lot of time in the future
These apps allows you to easily identify the contents of every box you pack when moving house, using house movers, relocating or putting items into storage.

As each box is packed, use this app to detail the contents, take photos of the items in the box, and assign each box with a unique name or number. If moving house, the room that the contents belong in can also be assigned. This will speed unloading and unpacking.
Just click on the links below to download a moving app like Moving Van for IOS or Moving Organizer for android.

Moving Organizer for android

Moving Van for IOS

2) Hold a garage sale and make some money or donate your stuff.

By selling the stuff you don't want to have anymore or just donate it to a thrift store such as Goodwill, You would make your moving experience way easier and lighter.

3) Create a super Important Box for your super important stuff..

Make sure you have a box (or a piece of luggage) for all of your most important items. such as: outfits for a few days, exercise gear, your favorite shoes, toiletries, important docs, checkbook, gadgets, food for your pet, medication, etc.
Basically, all of the things that you'll need as soon as you get to your new home.
If you can't fit everything in one box or one piece of luggage, pack two! Just make sure you clearly mark these super duper important boxes so that you don't lose track of them in the move.

4) Look for rental properties or house for sale in Las Vegas before moving.

By doing your research on the properties that are available for rent or houses available for sale in Las Vegas well before your moving date, you would get an idea of the places and areas were you want to live. This will provide you with a great advantage and a smooth and worry free relocation, after all you going to need a place were to live.

You can look for the latest information on listings of Rental properties or houses listed in the MLS for sale in Las Vegas and surrounding areas visiting a Real estate portal and utilize a searching property form that is constantly updated with the latest MLS information.

Or you can also contact some property management companies that can help you in finding a property for rent such as a condo, townhome or a house that you might like.

Moving to Las Vegas is definitely a very exciting thing to do, and one thing is for sure, once you relocate to the entertainment capital of the world, your life will never be the same.

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