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How to Find an accessible Home in Las Vegas

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Are you ready to make Las Vegas your home sweet home but you’re concerned about finding accessible housing?

Thankfully, there are several ways to meet your needs and ensure you can have the perfect abode. Here are some important things that you should keep in mind so you can locate the right home for your circumstances.

Remember to Settle Details

Anytime you’re planning on a move, there are certain crucial details to cover. Unfortunately, in the chaos of planning, arranging, researching, and visiting, some things can easily slip through cracks, adding to your stress and complicating schedules. For instance, for the sake of security, you should ensure you have the locks changed on your new home before you move in, and HomeAdvisor offers a handy search tool for finding a local locksmith. Don’t forget to send lending institutions, employers, and other contacts your new information, and update your address with the postal service. Of course, you also need to pack, find a moving company, and make the actual move. One way to keep track is to follow along with Reader’s Digest’s 12-week timeline. It’s a handy tool for gauging what you should be doing and when.

Develop Your Criteria

Everyone has specific things they want in a new home. It’s important to develop search criteria and prioritize your needs when doing your actual property search. Many people who need accessible housing have a few general preferences. An open floor plan with one-floor living is usually a good start, and even if you can’t find a fully accessible home, you can find a home that provides those basics. Once you have a house with a good general structure, making a few changes here and there can sometimes help a house go from just okay to fabulous. Decide on what you can’t live without, as well as what you could add later or just don’t need or want. Plan to make notes and talk with your real estate agent about your preferences.

Here are some of the things that could make a property ideal, as well as a few common compromises you might consider:

Hallways and doorways: A home with hallways and doorways built wider than in traditional homes offers better navigation for many people. This could go as far as minimal doors and hallways, taking the open floor plan to the ultimate level, or you might just decide to simply widen a few doorways.

Kitchen: Whether you’re a chef or just want to make the occasional grilled cheese, an accessible kitchen is a must for many. Lowered countertops and appliances are often helpful, as well as a sink that accommodates seated use. An idea for a compromise is to install pull out breadboards for food prep and rollout drawers for storage.

Bathroom: Bathrooms can be challenging since so many traditional homes have small bathrooms with little floor space for getting around. Some people convert a bedroom in order to come up with the space they need. Some other features to consider include a curbless shower, lever-style faucet handles, a wall-mounted sink, and a shower seat.

Throughout your home: Certain features can be desirable throughout a home, such as smooth surface flooring, ample lighting, and lever-style door knobs. Motion lights can be a boon, or you might need light switches lowered and outlets raised. Adding a ramp could make at least one entryway to the home step-free.

Make Yourself at Home

There are several great things about living in Las Vegas, and as Wheelchair Travel explains, it’s an especially accommodating area for those with accessibility concerns. As for anyone planning to move, becoming familiar with the area can help with deciding on neighborhoods, school districts, and traffic patterns. Depending on your priorities, you might prefer to live close to public transportation or near specific attractions.

When it’s time to settle into Las Vegas, you’re sure to find the area warm and welcoming. Search out a property that will satisfy your needs and desires, and prepare carefully for your move. Vegas has much to offer, and we know you’ll feel right at home.

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